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The 15 Best Steel-type Pokémon, Ranked
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Pokémon has kept the same formula over the years in terms of its gameplay elements, only changing a few things here and there in an attempt to shake things up slightly. The biggest changes we've seen have come in the form of types, the most recent being Fairy.

Back in Generation II, Game Freak unveiled the Steel type, which would prove to be a bit of a letdown in the years to come, that is, until certain Steel-type Pokémon hit the scene. Fast forward to the modern Generation and Steel-type now has a dedicated following, with players praising their resistances, defensive capabilities, and hard-hitting, versatile move sets.

We decided to take a look at some of the best Steel-type Pokémon currently available, based on a variety of factors (stats, versatility, design, etc.).

Did your favorite make the list?

Updated August 26th, 2020 by Tanner Kinney: Steel-type Pokémon, the hulking monsters they (often) are, had a number of new additions in Generation 8. The two box legendaries, Zamazenta and Zacian, are both steel-types with their special weapons equipped. Along with that, three of the steel-types added got special Gigantamax forms and exclusive moves. GameFreak showed a lot of love for Steel Pokémon, and its time for us to return the favor and expand the list to add on some new steel-types, along with some that didn't make the cut previously.

advertising Make Way For The Emperor! - Empoleon

Empoleon, the final evolution of the adorable Piplup, has tough competition against Infernape and Torterra. However, all three are pretty on par in excellence (casually), meaning Empoleon is just an incredible Pokémon.

This part water-type may get a shocking every now and then, but its solid priority moves and imposing appearance make it more than just another penguin. As the only starter that's part-steel, Empoleon stands out from all of the fire/fighting types for being an original soul. Plus, if you just need a friend to support through hard times, Empoleon has all the utility needed.

The Vi-King of Galar - Perrserker

Puns are always wonderful for Pokémon names. If the name is punny, that makes the Pokémon infinitely more memorable. This is especially true for Perrserker, a unique evolution to the Galarian form of Meowth. It's odd that Meowth gets two specialty forms, but who's counting, really?

Perrserker has a hidden Steely Spirit ability, enhancing its own power and its steel-type friends. This viking cat will lead the charge into battle, assuming it doesn't get knocked down before using its huge attack stat. Regardless, it was a great design for a Pokémon to stand out among other Galarian forms.

How Do They Work? - Magnezone

Magnezone was one of many great evolutions added in Diamond and Pearl to older Pokémon. They all received a bit of love with mixed results, but Magnezone was absolutely an incredible addition. Magneton's older sibling is no longer just a few magnets taped together; it's an unidentified flying object of immense electrical power.

Magnezone also has the somewhat unique ability to trap other steel-types before blasting them with high-powered electricity. For trainers looking to check those pesky Skarmory, Magnezone is the key to it. And, sure, it doesn't have Levitate, but who needs defense against ground-types when they can be just be blown up? Not reliably, but Magnezone can do it.

Stand Tall And Scrape The Skies - Duraludon

Duraludon is the definition of a Pokémon with a million options. Need a trap-setter that has incredible defensive typing? Duraludon can do that. Need a high-power special attacker with cool glasses that can erase an entire team of Pokémon? Duraludon can do that too. There are certainly other ways to play, and Duraludon can do it.

Duraludon is especially refreshing as other single-stage dragon-types don't often get the kind of love and recognition, rotting away and forgotten. Once Duraludon goes Gigantamax and becomes an entire building, it'll never be forgotten. Duraludon is a fantastic steel addition to the roster.

Plant Seeds Of Defeat And Never Back Down - Ferrothorn

Competitive battlers likely have a mixed relationship with the lovely Ferrothorn. This Pokémon has been one of the premier walls and trap-setters in high tiers since it was added in Black and White. Its movepool is so good, even its pre-evolution is even viable in lower tiers of play.

Even if Ferrothorn is annoying, it still earns its place as an incredible steel-type. It has defenses for days, an attack stat that gives it room to retaliate, and spikes that make it impossible to punch down. Ferrothorn is edgy, spikey, and effective, making it an optimal steel-type Pokémon.

These Keys Will Put You On Your Knees – Klefki

We know we will likely get a lot of flack for this entry from all you "living sentient key-chain" haters out there but Klefki is too sneaky not to include on this list. Sure, there are likely (definitely) stronger Pokémon that could fill this slot but Klefki can be an outright nuisance in the right hands.

For one, these resilient keys are only weak to fire and ground-type moves. It can learn Magnet Rise, which will actually negate that ground weakness, giving it only one type that it needs to "worry about."

To make these jingly keys even more imposing, you'll have access to the damaging Foul Play move, as well as tricky things like Toxic and Thunderwave. If anything, Klekfi can set up the rest of your team for guaranteed success.

advertising You Done Messed Up Now A-Aron! – Aggron

Any day we can seamlessly mix together Key and Peele and Pokémon is a good day. Jokes aside, Aggron is a hulking behemoth with some unique ability combinations and a Mega Evolution. Handing this beast some Aggronite will transform it into a 630 base stat Mecha Godzilla with a defense stat higher than Pokémon God (literally, Arceus only has 120 to Aggron's imposing 230).

Heavy Slam will deal damage based on the difference between the target's weight and Aggron's. This beefy Steel-type weighs an impressive 870.8 lbs (in Mega form) and its Heavy Metal hidden ability doubles that number. Ouch.

It falls this far down on the list, though, thanks to its 4x weakness to Fighting and Ground (with a 2x to Water).

The Mullet Pokémon – Mawile

Some of you may be familiar with the sentiment regarding mullets as a fashion choice. It's all about "business in the front and a party in the back." Mawile is very much the same if your idea of partying is dodging a massive Venus fly-trap filled with razor-sharp teeth. To each their own.

Mawile is already one of the coolest Pokémon from a design standpoint and is beloved by Game Freak enough to receive a Mega evolution which boosts its attack and defense stats quite high. It also received a Steel/Fairy typing to make it even more of a nuisance.

Devourer Of Suns – Solgaleo

We had to include Solgaleo on this list for its unique typing and its impressive 680 base stat pool. The majority of those points are filtered into HP and Attack, which both sit at a strong 137, followed by a defensive stat of 107. The Legendary Psychic/Steel Pokémon falls a bit lower on this list due to its four 2x weaknesses (Ground, Ghost, Fire, Dark) but it does manage to pack 9 resistances (and an immunity to poison).

Solgaleo also features the signature move Sunsteel Strike, which is a powerful move that ignores all damage reducing abilities.

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, No Wait It's Both – Skarmory

Flying Pokémon can be rather useful in their own right (thanks to their immunity to ground-type moves) but there is something extra special about a flying-type covered in steel plating.

Skarmory is one of only three Steel/Flying-types, giving it a nice set of resistances (as well as immunity to Poison and Ground). Its defense stat is much higher than the rest of its 480 total, making it a tankier addition to your team. Its uniqueness alone affords it a spot on this list.

advertising Because The Community Would Riot – Lucario

Making a "ranked" list is always difficult no matter the subject matter. The truth is, there are a lot of Steel-type Pokémon that could fill these spots for a variety of reasons. A lot of lists focus on main stats, and while those are definitely important to an extent, we like to look at Pokémon that seem underrated or underappreciated.

That said, we'd be absolutely blasted by the community at large if we didn't include Lucario on this list. Yes, some of you are already tired of hearing about what is perhaps one of the most mascot-worthy Pokémon (besides Pikachu) but there is no denying that Lucario is a strong Steel/Fighting-type that only grows stronger thanks to its gifted Mega Evolution.

An Onixpected Evolution – Steelix

We're really Rock-n the puns today. Steel-n the show. Really, though, if you're looking for an imposing Steel-type (how does 34 feet tall and 1600 lbs sound?) then you'll definitely want Steelix on your team. The Steel Snake is about as fast as a snail stuck in a tar pit (30 base speed) but it more than makes up for that minor issue with its incredible defense and power.

When Mega-Evolved, this towering (and amazing-looking) Pokémon boasts 125 attack and 230 defense. It also comes packed with the Sheer Force hidden ability, which boosts all of its moves (that have additional abilities) by 30% (while also removing the abilities, just to be clear). In the right hands, Steelix is a powerful ally.

The Original Ant Man – Genesect

Genesect is definitely one of the best Steel-types available thanks to its utility. It comes packed with a secondary bug-type giving it some decent resistances (although a 4x weakness to Fire moves is something to keep an eye on).

Genesect's usefulness comes in the form of its "drive mechanic" and its overall 600 base stats. It has a high Attack and SP Attack (while maintaining decent stats across the board). Inserting different drives into this Pokémon will give it an element-imbued Techno Blast (its hard-hitting signature move). This allows Genesect to cover a wider breadth of weaknesses, with access to Fire, Water, Electric, Ice, Steel, and Bug moves (it can even learn Fly).

All The Time In The World – Dialga

Dialga should feature on this list just based on how absolutely amazing it looks from a design standpoint but this versatile Legendary packs much more than looks alone. It features some beefy stats with an impressively high Special Attack and has a Move Pool that is filled to the brim with all types of coverage options including attacks like Thunder, Fire Blast, Aura Sphere, and more.

What really makes Dialga such a powerhouse is its unique typing. Up until Sword and Shield (which have yet to release), Dialga was the only Pokémon with a Steel/Dragon typing, giving it a whopping 9 resistances and helping it to withstand attacks from Ice and Fairy types.

advertising The Undisputed Steel Champion – Metagross

Metagross has been a Steel God ever since its introduction into the world of Pokémon, especially when it concerns the competitive scene. It offers an impressive base stat pool of 600 with 135 Attack and 130 defense. This turned it into a terrifying tank that was capable of withstanding hits and then dishing out pain.

As if it wasn't already good enough, Game Freak blessed it with a hulking Mega Evolution that boosted its stat pool to 700, upping its defense to 150 and its attack to 145. It would continue to chew through the competition, slicing through Fairy-types and punishing all sorts of powerful Pokémon. Metagross is truly one of the most iconic and powerful Steel-types introduced so far.

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